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Content Activation

How To Guide: Content Activation

Angi Wesson, Director, Digital Content Strategy

You’ve set your business goals and objectives, now it’s time to activate strategies and tactics to meet those goals. But, where do you start? Take some time to work through strategies that make sense for your business goals. Also, make sure you work smart with your budget. Don’t spread yourself too thin with too many tactics if your budget is limited. It’s better to do one or two things really well than do four or five things mediocre.

Think through these five core strategies and how you’ll initiate them:

  • Access

    How are you allowing your consumers access to the products or services they desire? Is it a simple, easy process?

  • Engage

    Are you talking with your customers? Become an active participant in the process with them.

  • Customize

    Do your customers have differing needs and interests? How are you talking to those customers one-on-one? One message may not fit all needs.

  • Connect

    Are you relating to your customers on an emotional and behavioral level? Are you providing an experience that allows them to understand the behind-the-scenes of your brand and your story?

  • Collaborate

    Do you allow your customers to be part of your process? How are you rewarding and/or acknowledging them?

Once you’ve determined where you want to focus your strategies, you must decide the tactics that will align with those strategies to meet your business goals. This is where you can be really innovative. Is there a mobile app that would fit well with the strategies you’ve chosen? Is there a website or landing page that would provide a place for collaboration and engagement? Begin to create content and determine what channels you will use to disseminate that content.

According to IMPACT, there are four trendy activation channels and tactics you should consider:

  • Messenger Apps: 24% of people prefer this channel for business communication. It provides the customer with a “human experience” instead of chat bots or careless humans.

  • Video: 72% of companies say it has improved their conversion rates. You may get left behind if you do not invest in video for YouTube, Facebook and other social channels.

  • Podcasts: There are more than 57 million listeners in the US. They are a smaller, but highly engaged audience. This is a channel where you may face less competition and thus have more opportunity.

  • Interactive Content: Unlike passive content which stays static, interactive content gives you the chance to be more personalized and gather information about your consumers.

If you follow these steps to align your strategies and innovative tactics, your brand will be better off for it. Take the time to really put your audience first and understand their needs and desires. Contact us if you think your brand could use help activating these content strategies.

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